Mascot Patch

This type of chenille patch incorporates the schools mascot and/or the school letter. Like the Varsity Letter, it also can be awarded on it's own or displayed proudly on a varsity jacket, blanket or frame.

Chenille  E with Eaglehead mascot patch

Letter E with Eagle head

Chenille BC with swooping Eagle mascot patch

BC with Swooping Eagle

Chenille FSU with Horse head mascot patch

FSU with Horse head

Chenille C with Helmet mascot patch

C with Helmet

Chenille D with Bear head mascot patch
Chenille T with Tiger head mascot patch Chenille YC with Spartan mascot patch

T with Tiger head

YC with Spartan

Chenille Saints with Tower mascot patch Chenille HT with Rams head mascot patch

D with Bear head

Saints with Tower

HT with Rams head

At MVP Awards, we recognize the importance of rewarding those individuals who strive to challenge the rigors and spirit of competition. Their journey is not only a process, but a reward rich in character development and personal growth. At the finish line, we hope to provide your participants with that special award to celebrate their accomplishments.

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